About Book Publishing Report

Book Publishing Report has provided insight into the business of trade book publishing for 35 years. Its highly focused, 12-page monthly format covers the deals, financials, bestsellers, legal developments, technological issues, distribution, retailing, people and more.

Our seasoned editorial team lets you know what's hot before it's hot, reports on trends before they're trends, and highlights challenges before you'll need to face them. Book Publishing Report delivers the latest news about e-books, audiobooks, Internet retailing, the price wars between book superstores and big box stores, and the struggle independent book stores are making to survive. With an emphasis on delivering Simba’s unique brand of metrics, analysis, and short- and long-term perspective on events shaping the trade book industry, Book Publishing Report stands apart from other publications targeted to the publishing community.

Our editorial mission is to be an independent and reliable voice that keeps readers abreast of the changing landscape for trade book publishing across its entire spectrum—from publishing to distribution to retailing. Subscribers gain access to our exclusive Independent Retailer Watch column, which is based on ongoing surveys of vendors in the bookstore community and tracks bookselling trends as they unfold, as well as exclusive publisher scorecards by title, author and imprint.

Book Publishing Report is targeted to top executives and decision makers in the trade book industry, including C-level, business development, editorial and marketing executives at trade book houses; book distributors; book printers and binders; book retailers; consultants; investment bankers; and professional organizations.

Book Publishing Report is published continuously online and 13 times per year (monthly and including the Bestseller Issue) it is issued as a hardcopy newsletter or digitally as a PDF for download.