Letters to the Editor

December 4, 2010

On the article: BPR Exclusive: Not All iPad Owners Are E-Book Users

"You comment:

"'BPRCOMMENT: Techies often employ the ‘one device to rule them all’ catchphrase when suggesting that everyone in the future will use the same device. But if you think of a consumer’s path to content as a highway, would you expect everyone to drive the same make, model and color of car? Exactly.'

"But is it 'a single device' or 'the same device'? I believe it's 'a single device'—surely they recognize that millions prefer Macintosh computers to Windows computers, even if Windows is clearly dominant.

"My 11th Law of the Future of Publishing states:

"There is a limit to the number of separate digital devices people want to carry. That limit is one.

"You'll see the emphasis is on 'want'. Why would anyone want to carry more than one device, if given a choice? The iPhone is a telephone, music player and both still and motion video capture device (and gets better on images with each iteration). But it's not a laptop, netbook nor tablet.

"Can an iPad-like device replace an iPhone. Not at 10". At 7"? Maybe.

"Stay tuned."

Thad McIlroy
The Future of Publishing ■


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